Birth to 18 Months

In order to accommodate individual needs, infants are on their own schedules. Our goals are to advance their development in each area – social, emotional, gross/fine motor, cognitive and language. We provide a variety of experiences throughout the day including, sensory, outdoor walks, play on the infant playground, art, music, books, etc. Our programme plan is posted on the bulletin board outside of the rooms.

Daily communication between parents and caregivers is essential. We encourage daily interactions at drop-off and pick-up times. The staff will fill out an information sheet (records sleep time, diaper changes, meals, etc.) during the day and give it to you when you pick your child up at the end of the day. In addition, every child has their own portfolio which is reviewed with you monthly. Parent meetings are held at least annually.

The babies will go out for walks where they will explore the neighbourhood and may stop off at Gibson Square Park, Dempsey Park, North York Centre Mall, the North York Centre Library or Mel Lastman Square.  The yard at Yonge Hearts is completely fenced in and is equipped with three different surfaces.  The babies will use gross motor toys such as tunnels, balls and push toys to enhance their development.