Yonge Hearts’ fees are competitive and a City of Toronto subsidy may be available for those who qualify.

There is no fee for the waitlist. Yonge Hearts Child Care Centre offers care to children from 0-5 years of age. If our program is suitable for your family you are required to fill out a waitlist form which is provided below. It is important to note that priority is given to the following:

Currently the waitlist ranges from one and a half year up to three years depending on the age group. The waitlist is organized by the month and year of your preferred start date on the application (ie January 2018 or April 2018, etc). If you do not receive a space in the month and year of your preferred start date we move the application to an immediate list (meaning that you would require care immediately because your preferred start date has passed). Once we move you from the monthly list to the immediate list your position will change on the waitlist but will still be put in sequence based on priority and your original submission date. The waitlist is updated every month to every three months. If your contact information changes you must let the centre know. After two failed attempts to contact a family the application will be removed from the list.

Waitlist Admissions